We have our own Company installers. We cover all the metropolitan area,Wollongong and the Central Coast.

We install in ground pool liners & above ground pool liners. Solar blankets & rollers. Pool covers. New filters & motors.

We do repairs to above ground pools ( e.g) Replace wall sections or complete walls, New coping.



  1. Cut old pool liner into strips with a sharp knife for easy handling & removal.
  2. Remove skimmer box & return to pool line.
  3. Using a garden rake re level the pool floor. Rake off high spots & fill in the hollows. Build up a radius of sand around the inside of the pool base 10cm high.
  4. Compact the sand by tampering down.
  5. Wipe excess sand off the walls with a dry cloth.
  6. Tape over the bolt heads with PVC tape.
  7. leaving the pool liner in the carton place into the pool. Take care not to disturb the sand.
  8. Remove top coping & top rails, remove plastic coping strips & replace if cracked. (Note cracked or broken plastic coping strips may damage your new liner.)
  9. Unpack the liner carton. Take care when handling the pool liner as sharp objects, even shoes may damage it.
  10. Lift pool liner into centre of pool & unroll it. To avoid damage to the pool liner, remove shoes before walking on it.
  11. Spread the pool liner so that the circular seam lies about 10cm away from end of wall (Note when the pool fills with water the pool liner will stretch against the wall.) Position the liner around & place evenly around the wall of the pool.
  12. Lift the pool liner, starting at the vertical T. seam & fold the pool liner over the top of the wall. Ensuring that the T. seam is vertical. Temporary clamp the pool liner with clothes pegs every 60cm.
  13. Remove the large folds & wrinkles from the floor of the pool liner, ensuring that the circular seam lies evenly around the wall base.
  14. Replace the clothes pegs with plastic coping strips over the pool liner.
  15. Fill the pool to a depth of 2 to 5cm. Now working from the centre of the pool liner remove all wrinkles.
  16. Position the top rails over the plastic coping strips. Make sure that the top rails are tapped firmly into position.
  17. Replace the coping & fill the pool to within 5cm below the screw holes used to mount skimmer box.
  18. Reconnect the skimmer box. Cut the liner inside skimmer face plate opening & return to pool line. Use a razor blade or sharp knife.
  19. Fill the pool to recommended height.