Premium Pool Liners for Above Ground and Inground Pool 

At PoolSavers, we make it easy to find the right pool liner that keeps your pool looking great and lasting longer. Whether you have an above ground pool or an inground pool, we’ve got you covered with our durable and stylish liners. Plus, we offer professional replacement services to ensure your pool stays in top condition. 

Why Choose PoolSavers for Your Pool Liners?  

  • Custom Design & Manufacturing Excellence: Each PoolSavers liner is custom-designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring a perfect fit for your pool’s unique dimensions. This personalised approach guarantees enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal.  
  • Superior Material Quality: Our pool liners are crafted from high-grade PVC vinyl, featuring premium European pigments. This ensures that the liner’s colour remains vibrant and stable, even under the harshest Australian conditions.  
  • Wide Selection for Every Pool Type: Whether you have an above-ground or inground pool, PoolSavers offers a diverse range of colours and sizes. This versatility ensures you find the ideal liner to match your pool’s style and your preferences.  
  • Expert Consultation Available: Selecting the right pool liner is crucial. Our experts provide personalised advice to help you choose the correct thickness and accurately measure your pool, ensuring your new liner meets all your needs.  
  • Fast Turnaround Time: We understand the importance of time. Once your pool liner details are confirmed, we work efficiently to deliver your custom-made liner quickly, minimising the wait time for your pool’s transformation.  
  • Replacement Services: PoolSavers stands out for its professional pool liner replacement services. Our skilled team offers comprehensive support for both above-ground and inground pools, ensuring a seamless and efficient replacement process. This service is designed to extend the life of your pool and maintain its beauty.  
  • Comprehensive Installation Service: For customers in Sydney Metro, Central Coast, and Wollongong, we not only supply pool liners but also provide a complete installation service. Our experienced technicians ensure a flawless installation, contributing to the liner’s longevity and performance.  
  • Craftsmanship Warranty: We back our pool liners with a craftsmanship warranty, covering the quality of inground pool liners, including seams and the bead. This warranty reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Above Ground Pool Liners  

At PoolSavers, we offer durable above ground pool liners, designed and made in our factory to extend your pool’s life. We use strong materials and offer a range of colours and sizes. Our PVC vinyl, made with high-quality European pigment, keeps its colour well, even in tough conditions. We can create liners for any pool size and also offer installation services in Sydney Metro, Central Coast, and Wollongong.  

Above Ground Pool Liner Colours  

above ground pool liner pacific
above ground pool liner coral reef
above ground pool liner dark blue
above ground pool liner rainforest green
above ground pool liner medium marble
above ground pool liner light blue
above ground pool

In Ground Pool Liners

PoolSavers offers exclusive designer inground pool liners, unmatched in style and quality, perfect for the Australian climate. Made from 100% virgin vinyl with bleach-resistant inks, our liners ensure durability, sustainability, and a lifetime of vibrant appearance. Soft to touch and easy to clean, our range features stunning colours and patterns, ideal for both new and existing pools. With protection against chemicals and UV rays, and backed by up to ten years of warranty, we also provide professional installation services in Sydney Metro, Central Coast, and Wollongong.  

In ground Pool Liner Colours

In ground pool liner light blue
in ground pool liner dark blue
in ground pool liner caribbean
in ground pool liner atlantis
in ground pool liner maldive
in ground pool liner coral reef
in ground pool liner pacific
in ground pool liner tracyte

Pool Liners FAQ

Q. How do I order a replacement inground pool liner from Pool Savers?

A. To order a replacement for an inground pool liner, you’ll have to tell us your pool’s dimensions. After that, our team will help you choose the right product and colour for your pool. It’s essential to discuss your needs directly to ensure a perfect match. Call us on 02 9756 1977.

Q. How long until I receive my custom pool liner?

Our pool liners are tailor-made for your pool’s specific size and shape, ensuring an exact fit. After confirming your details, we typically deliver your custom pool liner within a few days. 

Q. How accurate do my pool liner measurements need to be?

A. Accuracy is crucial for a perfect fit, especially without a pool drawing. For the best results, precise measurements are necessary, or consider our professional measurement service for peace of mind. 

Q. Is a thicker pool liner material better?

A. The ideal liner thickness depends on your pool’s usage. High-activity pools or those with pets might benefit from a thicker liner. Consult with us for personalised advice based on your pool’s activities. 

Q. What’s the installation time for a replacement inground pool liner?

Installation time varies by pool size, shape, and condition. Preparation includes draining the pool and removing old liners, with the actual installation taking 2 to 4 hours, excluding refilling time. 

Q. What’s the best method to drain a pool for liner replacement?

A. Start with your filter’s drain to waste cycle to lower water below the skimmer, then use a submersible pump for the rest. This method is efficient and prepares your pool for liner replacement. 

Q. How do I remove the old vinyl swimming pool liner?

A. For assistance, feel free to contact us at 02 9756 1977. Start by draining your pool, then detach the faceplates and gaskets from the liner’s fittings, including skimmers, drains, returns, steps, and lights. Carefully dismantle the old liner into pieces that are easy to handle. After removing the liner, take off the gaskets from underneath. Clean the pool base by sweeping or vacuuming away debris. Repair any damaged areas on the floor and apply wall foam for extra protection if the walls are in poor condition. Finally, fit new gaskets before installing your new liner. 

Q. What does the new vinyl inground pool liner warranty cover?

A. Our warranty covers craftsmanship, including seams and the bead of the liner. It ensures manufacturing defects but doesn’t cover external damage factors. 

Q. How to ensure the new pool liner is positioned correctly?

A. After hanging the liner, use a vacuum to remove air behind it, ensuring a snug fit. Proper positioning is key for a smooth surface and longevity. 

Q. When to re-attach new faceplates and cut openings in the liner?

A. Consult with Pool Savers for specific instructions. Generally, for drains, start when there’s a bit of water on the pool floor. For other fittings, wait until the water level is just below them to allow the liner to stretch properly.