PVC & Aeon Liners for Water Tanks

With the unseasonable weather conditions water storage in Australia is an extremely high priority, therefore containment methods must be matched with quality materials.


  • Manufactured from high quality flexible sheeting.
  • Made in Australia by Poolsavers.
  • Approved for ‘potable water’ use by the Australian Water Quality Center (passes AS4020(Int)-1994).
  • Welded and fabricated.
  • Easy to transport and install.
  • Available in either 0.50m or 0.75mm gauges.


  • Durable and puncture resistant.
  • Quality and reputation the customer can rely upon.
  • Approval is vital to protect consumers of the water.
  • Reduces the cost of tanks and improves the quality of the finished product.
  • Reduces the cost of installation and the risk of damage.
  • Gauges to suit the application to optimise the cost/performance equation.
above ground pool