Are you seeing green?

So you’ve neglected your pool and now algae has moved in and your once lovely blue water is like a green soup. Algae is a result of a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool. Algae is not uncommon but avoiding the build up with regular cleaning is idea. And having a pool cover and a quality pool liner will assist the process. 

If you have an algae problem then it’s time to give the pool a chlorine bomb to kill off the algae and bring your pool ph back to a range of around 7.5. Give the pool a good brush, turn on your filter and get your water circulating to clean out the water.

Note before you turn on the filter make sure your filter is clean and the skimmer box is not clogged.

Keeping the filter clean.

One great solution to keeping your filter unclogged is to use one of our pool covers as this will keep the leaves and other debris out of your pool and not float into your pool filter. However, you should always check your pool filter regularly to make sure its clean and give it a spray with the hose to make sure small debris is washed away.

Sore feet from walking on the bottom of your pool?

With both above ground and inground pools calcium build up can occur and this results in a scratchy or coarse surface. We manufacture and install pool liners for above ground pools and keeping your pool liner in good condition will avoid this course surface problem.

The scratchy surface is usually a result of calcium build-up. So having a high quality pool liner, chemical testing, using a pool cover and regularly maintaining your pool will avoid this problem and give you great pool time.

Your pool water is not clear – seems cloudy

There are a few reasons this occurs. Outdoor pools that are left exposed to the elements pick up lots of dust and small particles in the air and this lands in your pool and clouds up the water. Your pool filter works to clean this out however the ideal solution is to cover your pool when it is not in use. Not only will leave your pool protected from elements but also will greatly reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use to keep the water clear.

Use of chemicals in your pool.

All pools need some level of chemical input to keep the ph balance correct for safe pool use. For all pools, both inground and above ground a pool cover is a great investment for avoiding lots of the problems already discussed. Moreover, your investment in one of our bubble technology long lasting quality pool covers.

In addition if you have an above ground pool then having one of our high quality pool liners installed will add years to your pool enjoyment and assist in avoiding common problems such as, irritation after swimming, coarse pool bottom surfaces hurting your feet, cloudy water, green pools and so on.